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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all. We’ve started using airtable this month as a dispatching system for vans. Each of our drivers has their own stack in the Kanban view, but our dispatcher uses the calendar and kanban. The dispatcher is logged in as the primary user, and the drivers share a separate editor account.

The trouble starts when our dispatcher organizes the trips for the next day. She goes to the calendar to organize then assigns tomorrow’s trips to the drivers. However, when the drivers log in to fill in information for today’s trips, they see the calendar. When they switch to the kanban, they see tomorrow’s trips. I’ve shown them how to change the filter to show today, but some are not tech savvy and it’s cumbersome as well.

How do I make the default view for an account stay permanently on the kanban view with a filter for today?

Any input would be very helpful. Thanks, Tony.

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Is it an option to create a “personal view” for your dispatcher and let your drivers toggle of “show everyone’s personal view” in the general view settings? That way, your drivers will only see the public view(s)


That’s a good idea. I did it a little different way. I created a duplicate view labeled “Driver’s View” and made it a favorite for the driver’s account. Then the dispatcher has her own view that doesn’t affect the filters for the drivers.