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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi. I got two Airtable bases… in the second one I’m bringing tables from the first one, which I then use to create linked fields in other tables.
In a MAKE scenario, before proceeding to next module, I need to sync these tables in AT. I’d like to execute the manual syncing process at a certain step from within my MAKE scenario… how can I get around doing this? Is it possible? Are there options/workaround via API calls, AT automations, or even bringing Zaps into MAKE, or using other 3rd party tools? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Perhaps a script to run a “Sync now” process?

Unfortunately, initiating a sync in Airtable can not be controlled through any method except a human manually choosing to “sync now” with their mouse, or waiting for Airtable to sync on its own (if you’ve turned on automatic syncing).

Lots of my clients want the ability to initiate a sync via API or scripting as well. I would send this as a feature request to

Thanks for your reply. I found this discussion of yours in another thread.

If I trigger such an automation from within MAKE…would that ‘wake up’ AT and keep the base active so the sync can happen? I ask because all of this will happen with users form submissions, which can happen at any time, so likely my own computer will be offline, hence my AT bases will be inactive on my end… how can I ensure the bases are active so the syncing does happen every 5 minutes (so I can use a 5 min sleep module in MAKE)? Thanks again

Oh right, that’s the other trick here. You can setup an automation in Make that keeps your base alive every 5 minutes. But you can’t actually time when Airtable is going to do the sync. It might be 5-10 minutes for the sync to happen. Maybe longer, I’m not sure. (If you’re fully dependent on the timing to be precise, you may want to setup your system in a different way.)

Not time specific, but at any time…
This is how I’m framing the MAKE scenario:

Form is submitted/received → records created in source AT base/table → activate/wake up AT → sleep for 5 mins (to ensure syncing) → Proceed with creating the linked fields in destination base/tables


If fine, the key step here would be to know if I can automate the suggested simple task (ex, add/delete record) from within MAKE, instead of a scheduled AT automation every 5 mins… would that be enough to wake up AT so the syncing happens?

That sounds like it would work.

I would just do a search of your records… no need to add or delete records.