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4 - Data Explorer

Currently, I’ve got two bases, one that is a master sheet where invoices are entered for multiple projects along with a base setup for each project to track other more detailed records. I’ve got the master base synced to the sub-base for each job along with a filtered view that only shows invoices for the specific project.

Inside the individual project base, I’ve got the field “Cost Code” on both the Bid & Synced Table, however I’m not able to rollup the data from the synced table without creating a lookup that has to be manually entered.

I tried finding a workaround in finding some kind of script to set the lookup field value based on a text string but really can’t find any documentation on it.


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I encountered similar problem (but with lookup of a currency field) an hour ago and find this topic ))
Well, I’m understand what’s wrong and already thought about possible workarounds, just came to check maybe I miss something, and there is a better solution.

The field you called lookup, is not a lookup, it’s the ‘link’(or linked field), the field joining two tables.
Lookup is a “function” that find a value (or values) in second table and reflect it in first table, according to the links you set up in the link field. And Rollup is advanced version of Lookup letting you apply formula for lookup results. ​
​(Sorry for this explanaition, 3 months ago when i started to work with Airtables, i was confisued with all those concept and would be happy if someone explain it to me)
​Well, the problem is that Sync process mandatory converts some data, including links and lookup results, to a simple text. So, there are 2 ways to solve it:

  • use another sync to pass desired value directly to the place where you want to see it,
  • or find a way to maintain links in a synced field via automations.
    i don’t like both, but I don’t know other solutions.
    Creating automation is not hard but i’m usually prefer ‘native table functions’ to avoid extra possible weak spots. Plurality should not be posited without necessity :grinning:
    Anyway, i will share my solution here, in case of lack of better ideas.

I solved mine by add (in source table) formula converting lookup of currency to number format, syncing it instead of real field, and it outputs as number, not text.
that’s not suitable for your case.
the only solution in mind is auto-create link. there are 2 steps only