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Merge Tables with varying fields

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Thought relatively new to Airtable, been loving it every minute. Upgraded to Pro and enjoying the blocks!

Anyhow, since I joined and created a table, it’s been growing and I’d like to change the way I organized certain things. So, here is the question:

I have multiple tables with varying columns/fields (different named, different types, different number of fields, etc…) in the form of a database.

However, now I’d like to create a master database table and use pivots or linked fields to summarize master table into different categories/tables.

Now, download CSV is great, but I also have at least 2 fields with attachments and I just tried importing the CSV hoping it’d retain the attachments or at least once I convert the, now text, to attachments. However, converting the field to attachment wipes the whole thing and in addition none of the fields have the right type… I guess it makes sense since it’s a CSV file with limited capabilities.

copy/paste doesn’t work for me as tables have different fields, it overwrites. If all else fails, I’ll have to manually shift things, but that’ll take a lot of time, which is not the primary issue, but if I make a mistake it’ll not be easy to spot and I’ll have overwritten things and will have to start from scratch…

So, as there is no good export and import readily available, perhaps for good reason, how can I accomplish this organizing tasks? I’m OK with scripting, however been a while since I used Javascripts. Surely people are importing/exporting. Is there a readily available script that can merge all records into 1 table whilst retaining same named field and appending the rest?

Thanks in advance!

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