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Im kind of new here in the community, never used it before. Hope that i can find some answers here. I have an enrollment table that joins a student with 1 to 8 classes and im hoping to do it individually in order to be able to control each class´ status for each student. That said, i have 1 to 8 columns that link a class record to classes table. My current challenge is to merge those linked records into 1 column. Is it possible to do it? any ideas? I´m posting an image to show some perspective.


Tks in advance.

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it’s possible by using workarounds like junction table, but it adds redundant complexity.
From standard database logic, if you want one ‘common list’ for all classes, and data in classes table has similar fields for each class, you should better add all of them into one table, add ‘class’ field and 8 filtered views for each class. Also, you can use ‘group by’ to collapse/expand the class you needed.
This help article fits your case Combining multiple tables into one table with multiple views

Thanks Alexey! But the thing is that i would need to control how many students are enrolled to each class and I havent been able to figure out how that way. Another option I have is to write a Lookup field for classes added on "classes matriculadas, and then show them on Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 fields; but i hasnt been able to separate that lookup field into 3 fields. Do you have any ideas?