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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Okay, so what I am trying to do here is move a project from my “client projects” table into a “completed projects table”. I thought I could do this by creating a “single select” and when the single select “done” is selected, it would disappear from “client projects” and move into “completed projects”. However, I have been unable to make this happen. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi Kate

I would advise a different approach - simply create views in your projects table - one filtered for Complete = No for Current Projects and another with a Complete = Yes for completed projects. You then have all your data in one table and any links that come along etc will still work.

In my equivalent app (used for managing client projects on Airtable and other databases) I actually use a single view for this purpose but grouped by a status field (a single select) so I see my Active Projects, Proposed projects etc in separate groups. Most of the time I just have the Active project group expanded and the others closed.

Hope this helps!


Hi, how do you create a new view? Is this a permanent ‘view’ that can be linked to and kept filtered? Thanks

Everything you ever wanted to know about views. (And, yes, views can be maintained, along with filter definitions.)

thank you, that worked and we’ve set up a few views

Too bad the page doesn’t exist anymore. Anyone else have an answer to the original question? I would like to move completed clients to a different table altogether.