Re: Move records that have passed current date/time to another table in the same base

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys,

Looking for a automated way to ‘expire’ or move a record from one ‘active’ table to another ‘achieved’ table in the same base.

The current column that I want to do the check on is a date column in the format (currently dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm). I basically want to move anything that has passed a certain date to a different table.
Both tables have the same columns

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Do you need them in a separate table or can you just use filtered views?

Ideally, we want to keep an achieve of them.
If we hide them with filtered views, will they still show in any live sync’s like Google Sheets/Website API for example?

No clue. If your syncs permit you to limit to a particular view, then they shouldn’t show up. If you can only specify a table then they’ll show up.

You could use an automation to create an identical record in another table. There’s no “delete record” action step, but you can delete the “live” record using a script action in the Automation after the “create record” step runs to make the archive record.