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4 - Data Explorer

I'm looking for a way to add multiple linked records.

Exemple : in the main table, I have a list of photo studios. For each photo studio, I want to save the number and type of electric power sockets available for each photo studio.

In another table, I have all the types of sockets. I want to add as much link between a studio and a type of socket as the number of sockets present.

Once I link a studio to a socket, this stocket disappears and I cannot link it "twice" or more depending on the number of sockets.

Which solution would you suggest in this kind of situation?

Basically, I'm looking for a way to store the information "This studio" owns "This Number" of "This Type of Sockets", and "This Other Number" of "This Other Type of Sockets".

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Hm, so if Studio A has 5 of Socket 1, you want 5 Socket 1 records, and if Studio B has 10 of Socket 1, you'd want another 10 Socket 1 records, for 15 total? 

If you know someone that's familiar with JavaScript and you're on a Pro account, I recommend asking them to do you a favour and write you some code to do it

If not, I'd recommend just using automations for this if you can.  Let's say you have a single select field called "# of Socket 1" in the table that contains your list of photo studios.  You could create an automation that would create a set number of records based on the value in that field via conditional logic

E.g. if you select "3" in the field "# of Socket 1", your automation would create 3 records in the "Sockets" table and link it to the triggering record

The major issue with this approach is the fact that you can only have 25 actions within each automation, and so if you wanted to accommodate, say, 12 of each socket type, you would need to build 4 automations for that socket type alone

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I've found another solution but it's really a burden.

The idea is to have another table, called ELECTRICITY, which has as fields: studios (linked to the studio table), socket type (linked to the socket type table) and a number of sockets. I then add a rollup from the STUDIO table on an "Electricity" field that gathers the information from the specific ELECTRICITY table.

But I cannot properly format the return as I want. There is just a simple concatenate(values) possibility. Airtable is really falsely a sophisticated tool and among everything certainly NOT a database like the official marketing statement mentions.

Unless, as you said, I can do it via JavaScript? But so what?! We are expecting a nocode tool for such standard features.