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I am currently using typeform for a survey and generate airtable. Here, I map airtable’s Multiple Select column with typeform’s multiple select form input field. Now, the issue is, we need to assign a value against each of the multi select option to calculate some score. Initially we used linked records but typeform doesn’t support linked record column. Is there any way to generate linked record column from multi select?

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Hi @Saimoom_Safayet - I’ve played around with this and you can’t submit typeform multiselect values into a single AT linked field (the linked field doesn’t recognise the delimeter in the TF record, so doesn’t map to the linked fields correctly). However, there is a way to do this if you split the Typeform multiselect values across multiple fields in your AT base. This is what I did:

My simple Typeform form has 3 multiselect options:


In Zapier, I’m sending the Typeform submission to AT, creating a new record:


In Airtable, I have my linked records with scores:


On my form submission table, I have 3 columns for my 3 options, each of them a linked record to the options/scores table:


Now in Zapier, I can take any of the selected options and map these to the AT columns:


Back in my form submission table, I can rollup the scores for each of the 3 options columns (and then add these together to get a total score):