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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys,

I’m currently building a web app that connects people via text (will be done on whatsapp at first). I have a list of pre-generated whatsapp groups in a data sheet on airtable. This is a simplified version of the current flow I have set up:

Customer signs up on site -----> all customer data from signup form moved into Airtable
Zapier pulls relevant fields from Airtable -----> Automated text is sent with blank fields filled in

Here is my issue: it looks like Zapier is only allowing me to pull fields that are populated from the customer signing up. Meaning, their name/phone number/email etc. I need it to pull from a different data sheet on Airtable. Is it possible to have Airtable update the field that was just created and add another column to it, prior to the next automated text zap?

Here is an example of what I need to happen:

John Doe signs up with and 444.444.4444
John’s record is updated in Airtable with his signup info
John’s record is updated in Airtable - another column is added or populated with a pre-generated whatsapp link
John is sent a text at 444.444.4444 that says "Hi John, welcome to _______! … your group is hosted on WhatsApp and you can join by clicking this link: (pre-generated whatsapp link)

If anyone can assist me with this it would be much appreciated, thanks!


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