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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all :wave: ,

I’m a founder at Vero. We’ve just released Vero Newsletters, a newsletter tool that enables you to connect to Airtable, query your data “in place” and send.

Most newsletter products, like Mailchimp, want to both store your customer data and send your newsletters.

We’ve built something different. Something more flexible: we don’t want to store your data, we just want to help you use it. This let’s you decide where you store your customer data, how you organise it, how you segment it and if you enrich it with other data.

I wrote a blog piece last week to show one way to create a double opt-in newsletter subscription list Using Airtable, Netlify and Vero Newsletters. Hopefully it provides some ideas of what you can do and the way we’re thinking about this use case.

It’s early days for this product but we’ve had a great reception. I’m posting here in the hope that some savvy Airtablers see this, find what we’re doing useful and interesting and check out our new product. I’d love your feedback at this early stage Heart (comment here or email me: chrish AT getvero DOT com)


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