NEW: "create a section" for your views!

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Just discovered this new option and I’m stoked! Let’s hope they add this for automations as well!


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I see some people with the option but I still don’t have it. I am a pro member so I don’t know why I don’t have it.

Maybe try logging out and logging back in again, and see if it shows up.

Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi folks,

We’re rolling this out progressively to users throughout this week, so you may not see it available on your account(s) until as late as Monday. This is a bit of a “soft launch”, so we’ll be sharing more details soon. If you’re interested in reading up on more details, please see this article.

Thanks, @Jason! This seems to be a broken link.

Thanks, it’s now updated.


Thank God it’s not all drag & drop :pray:

@Jason There’s a typo in the FAQ part of that documentation page. It talks about downgrading to “Free or Pro plans“. I believe “Pro” should be “Plus.”

Thanks, this is fixed!

One of my clients was complaining about this issue yesterday:

He has a small MacBook Air screen. Now that Airtable has added 7 options under “Create A View” which cannot be collapsed, he can barely see any of his views in the list. He can only see 3 1/2 views, but he sees all 7 “create” options.

Below is an example screenshot of the problem.

It would be great if Airtable gave us the ability to collapse those 7 “Create View” options below.


Perhaps “Create a view” could be turned into a menu that displays the available view types. That way there would only be two items: “Create a view” and “Create a section”. All new view types would go into the menu instead of inflating that list further.

Totally agree! It’s again something UI/UX that makes for unnecessary frustration. Same with the automations window btw…


Yep, I was biting my tongue about that new Automations window, which has also become a UI problem. Makes things unnecessarily confusing & cluttered.

But at least the Automations window is smart enough to move those “Suggested Automations” downward as more automations are created.

With the “View” menu, it’s the users’ important list of views which become compromised.

I had the pleasure of meeting someone helpful via support@, which resulted in me spamming the *** out of him with UI, automations (find records > update records :roll_eyes: to mention only one), … problems/expectations. He now promised me to get me in touch with someone from the engineering team to talk some more :grinning_face_with_sweat: To be continued… I hope!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone,

I just noticed that it had been added the possibility to group views in sections.
I did not know I wanted this feature, now I realized how much useful it is.
However there is a strange behavior that I cannot understand. I have linked tables and I use the “link to record” to reach the other table without leaving the former one. It is well known that the view that is presented when you click on the linked record is the top view of the other table, at least when there were not sections.
Now, when you add sections, Airtable automatically create a new section (that cannot be moved, deleted or renamed) that is called “More”. In this new section I expected that the first view would be the one presented in the linked record, but it is not. Airtable “memorizes” which was the view on top before changing to sections, and then it is not possible to edit the “preferred” view anymore for linked records. Is it a bug? Is it normal? Thank you.

Thankfully, this still works as expected for me. Whatever I have as the “top view of the top section” is what Airtable shows me as the “preferred” view for linking records.

Maybe try logging out & logging in again, and see if that fixes anything on your end? Or maybe try moving around the views in a different order, and then move them back into the previous order again?