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4 - Data Explorer

Hey All!

Here’s what I’d like to do, not sure HOW…

Notify Teams of people at once when a new record is added.

I have a list of team members, working on multiple projects. For example:

Bob works on project 1 and 2
Bill works on project 1 and 3
Sally works on project 2 and 3

I want to assign people to these projects as a TEAM. For example:

Project 1 - Team 1(multiple people linked)
Project 2 - Team 2 (multiple people linked)
Project 3 - Team 3 (multiple people linked)

Then when I add a record - have a field that has TEAM as an option, and when I select Team 1, all people associated with Team 1 would get a notification. The same way as a collaborator field would do but with this Team group.

I can see making the groups with people and linking the tables, but how do I get the Team selection to send out the notification.

Thanks in advance for any/all help!


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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I find myself wanting to do something very similar … We work in teams as well, and I would like to group notify every member of my team, without having to manually type their name each time.

I manage 6 teams with 4-6 members in each team. It gets frustrating having to @mention each person individually.

Also, I am encouraging my teams to communicate project status via Airtable, and they are asking for a more efficient way to notify their entire team with project updates.

@Alison_Gregory Welcome to the community!

There is no automated way to do this within Airtable. A collaborator can’t be used as a linked field or a lookup field, and vice versa. I created a product suggestion about this topic the other day — please add your comments there, if this is an important request to you.

You could likely automate this with an external tool like Integromat.

However, there is an extremely simple (albeit manual) way that you could do this within Airtable. Simply place the 2 fields side-by-side to one another:

  1. Project Team Members — this would be a lookup field which autofills all the team members’ names for that project whenever you choose the team.
  2. Collaborator Field

Every time you create a new project, the team members will automatically show up in the lookup field.

Then, simply copy & paste the team members’ names into the Collaborator Field.

You don’t even need to go through the whole process of using your keyboard to copy-and-paste the data — you can just drag on that tiny little white handle in the lower right corner of the field and pull it across to the other field to duplicate the data to the next field.

And, if the 2 fields side-by-side makes your view look too cluttered, then you can just create another view that has fewer fields on it.