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I’m trying to integrate Zapier and Ship Station. My orders have a linked field “products” with multiple records. When the items get imported to ship station it is as one item “item 1, item 2, item 3” if I use a lookup field.

They need to be separated into individual columns. Is there a way to expand all the linked items into their own column or integrate a better way?


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Perhaps different data points, but not necessarily different columns (fields). In other words, there needs to be some way to separate the items before passing to Ship Station, but I don’t think that making different fields is the right way to go.

That said, I don’t have a ton of experience with Zapier, so I don’t have any immediate ideas on how to pull this off, but something tells me that Zapier might have a tool that will make this work. I’ll let @Mohamed_Swellam chime in, and I’ll also tag @ScottWorld for further input.

Hi @Ben.H,

I don’t know ShipStation, but the same solution would apply to whatever eCommerce app you’re using:

Your linked products are already their own individual records in the Products table, so you could just find the products in the products table that are linked to your current order, and iterate through each product to move into ShipStation.

All of this can be easily done with Integromat, and I would highly recommend Integromat over Zapier because Integromat has significantly deeper support for ShipStation than Zapier does. They have about 22 more actions & triggers for ShipStation than Zapier does.

Thanks @ScottWorld, I’ll have a look.