Order management via Airtable and Integromat?

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Dear community,

  • I have multiple Shopify stores and I want to transfer order data (every time a new order is being placed) to a third party system like Google Sheets or AIR TABLE using INTEGROMAT

  • Main goal: Centralize all orders in one aggregating (order management/accounting) system

  • Second goal: I have a manufacturer who should get to see/edit only certain data of each order. Right now, I do this with a second file on Google Sheets. This then synchronizes back with my primary file on Google Sheets. But I don’t feel that Google Sheets is powerful for the entire process. This is why I am now turning over to AIRTABLE

  • Important as well: After the manufacturer pushes something like an “production done” button (right now i realize this using check-marks in cells in Google Sheets), my main table should update itself. The customer should also get a notification that his order is about to be shipped.

I guess this use-case should already have occurred here on Airtable. Nevertheless, I couldnt really find exactly what I am looking for. Do you know any good all-round solution for this?

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I haven’t used Integromat but I am assuming it is capable of retrieving all of the data you require from Shopify.

It sounds like what you require should be possible. (I’m sure it could be done in Zapier, therefore assuming Integromat could achieve it too)

  • Main goal: You should probably try and mimic the structure of Shopify as closely as possible in your Airtable Base. i.e. You should probably have Orders, Customers and Products tables. You can use Integromat to populate these tables.

  • Second goal: You will probably need a separate Airtable Base for the manufacturer if you need to keep certain data out of view for them. There is no way to restrict access within a Base once you have made them a member. You’ll need to populate this Base using Integromat too.

  • Important as well: You would probably do this with a “production done” checkbox in the manufacturer’s base. This would trigger another Integromat process that updates your main Base.

Hi Nis,

If you are still looking for a solution, take a look at our purpose-build Shopify and Airtable integration app. It’s magical :slightly_smiling_face: