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6 - Interface Innovator

Looking for a work around to the below, or if not currently possible please consider this to be a feature request!

As far as I understand it, the way that fields are organized & viewed when a record is expanded from within the Org Chart extension are linked to the “topmost” view for that respective table. I would like the way that these fields are organized to be linked to the view that is controlling that org chart extension. The connected view already drives the filtering, and the way that records are organized at a given level for that org chart, thus it seems logical to me to also have the field organization driven by that view. I am working with a base that has multiple org chart extensions tied to the same table. These org chart extensions are providing visibility to a diversity of stakeholder (teams) and being used for different purposes. Thus would like to have a different organization of the “most important”, and not needed to be frequently accessed (hidden) fields.

Example provided below for clarity if hard to understand what I am getting at with the above paragraph:

Here is very simplified example of a table created with a linked Org chart. Note that in the org chart settings, the view is tied to “Re-Ordered Fields”, and not the topmost “Master Grid View”

Note the following changes I have made within the “Re-Ordered Fields” view:

  • Filtered the table to remove entries with no entry in the “Parent” field
  • Moved the record “Grandchild A2” above “…A1”, and “…B2” above “…B1”
  • Organized the fields differently (Field 3, 2, 1 instead of 1, 2, 3).
  • Hid the “Parent” field

In the above image you can see that the first two organizational decisions that I have made for this view are reflected in the Org Chart extension (entry “Great Grandparent” does not show up, and Grandchild A2 is on top of A1, and B2 is atop B1).

Unfortunately as can be seen in the below image, when a record is expanded from within the Org Chart extension view, the second two organizational decisions that I have made for this view are NOT reflected. The fields are still ordered “Field 1, …2, …3”, and the “Parent” field is not hidden:

As shown below, only after I re-order the views on the left hand side so that “Re-Ordered Fields” is the top-most view, do these organizational decisions propagate to the expanded record when selected from the Org Chart:

This would be fine and workable if there was only one Org Chart within the table, but for the same reasons that make Airtable a very powerful tool to manage the same information from different stakeholder perspectives, and with different workflows by way of creating different views - I can’t imagine why that should not be applied to the Org Charts tied to those views in the case of tables that have multiple extensions.

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