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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve collected a lot of data on a site inspection and used page designer to create the single page records, however when trying to bulk print these records, the app crashes and won’t print.

Is there a work around for this, or a code we can use to get it print each row separately? It’s going to be incredibly labour intensive if we have to do each row separately manually!

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You said the app crashes — are you referring to the Airtable desktop app? If so, I would try switching to a web browser to print and see if that works. Or try a different web browser. Also, I would report the crashing behavior to

Ah sorry, I meant the web browser. It says it’s resizing the images, then the print preview pops up but with a blank screen and the page designer has a little emoji showing a confused face! I’ve dropped them an email so let’s see if they know of any solutions!


Interesting, please post back here with whatever they tell you!

Hopefully they’ll be able to fix this for you, but I’m not sure if they will be able to fix it immediately.

Airtable loads ALL of the images for ALL of your printed pages into your web browser’s memory before it starts to print, so it’s possible that Airtable might be completely overloading your web browser’s memory with way too much information.

The top workaround to this is what you suggested above — either printing one page or printing fewer pages at a time.

A more elaborate workaround — but much more dependable & reliable in the long run (and it can even be fully automated) — is to use an external document creation service like my personal favorite DocuMint:

p.s. I’m also an Airtable consultant, so if you ever need help with something like this in the future, always feel free to contact me through my website at

Thanks Scott – yes I think if I used again I’d prefer to use a different document creation service that might be easier to use!

How do I print fewer pages at a time? I can only figure out how to do all or one!

Cheers- Sarah



You would need to filter your view ahead of time with a fewer number of records, and then choose to print “all” of the records on that view.