Payment issue with renewal of pro license

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am in year 2 of using a pro license of my Airtable workspace. My organisation is based out of Mumbai, India and since the end of last year our central bank does not allow us to make payments that do not require a two factor authorisation.

Luckily our payment went through the first time around last year as we made the payment prior to this rule being enforced. This year when we had to pay for the annual subscription renewal we used a colleagues American bank card to make the payment as to avoid any issues - this card was used by another team in the organisation to successfully make a payment for an Airtable pro license a couple of weeks ago. This was the second American card we'd tried to use. Both were declined and we can't figure out why. Airtable support hasn't been of too much help and we risk losing a lot of data. Any and all suggestions welcome.

PS: We are trying to update an account with approx. 7 collaborators

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