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PDF Annotation disappearing

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Hi All,

When I open a PDF attachment in Airtable, there are tools to comment directly on the PDF (great). But everything that I annotate on the PDF does not get saved. It disappear as soon as I leave the PDF view.

What's the point of annotating a PDF if it disappear right away? Anyone knows how to save the annotations?

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Hi there, @Kevin_Moreau !

As far as I can see the Airtable native comments cannot be put on PDF directly, only on the right panel. This is different from the means by how you can put comments on the image file, ex JPG.

Could you clarify what comment tool you mentioned?

Of course, when I open a PDF in Airtable, there are some tools at the top. Text, pen or highlighter. I can use all the tools on the PDF just fine. As soon as I leave the PDF view and come back, the comments are gone.

Sorry, my preview window looks a little bit different - I have no any tools for editing. Maybe you are using some advanced version? Here is my screenshot.



I am using Microsoft Edge as my browser. I don't see the tools when using Chrome.

Ah, now it is clear. When you are using Edge it provides an advanced interface, but it has nothing to deal with Airtable. You can save your edits in a new file and then will need to attach this file to the field (probably, replacing the old one without comments).