Performance? 50,000 Records? 15MB Internet

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I will have 4 Tables,

Table 1: 5000 Records Linked to Table 2
Table 2: 10,000 Records Linked to Table 3
Table 3: 30,000 Records Linked (from Table 2)
Table 4: 5000 Records Linked to Table 2

Internet Speed: 15MB to 20MB

5 In House Users, Airtable Native Windows App

Am I headed for a disaster?
Can Airtable handle this?
Does Airtable Load Records that have been Filtered out of View?
What measures can I take to remain performant at these record counts?

Thanks so much!!!


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I have never used an Airtable base that size, I suspect that performance will also greatly depend on the number and types of fields that you have.

My largest database in terms of number of records was had only a few single line text fields. That base was zippier than a smaller base with multiple attachments and complicated chained formulas.