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Performance breakdown

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I have observed some performance decrease for the last 10 days, no matter the size of the database I am working with.

The message “Loading this view may be slow due to a large number of records or fields” appears very often (it even appears when I call the airtable “What’s new” menu)

Calling linked records is slower than it used to be.

I am using Airtable every day to consolidate different data sources and my daily work has increased due to this performance breakdown.

Am I the only one to observe a performance breakdown and, if not, is there anything to do?

Thank you


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Thanks Nathaniel
I guess that I should see things coming back to normal.

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I noticed a few days of much slower performance at the beginning of last week, but generally things seem pretty normal for me now.

Thanks Nathaniel
I guess that I should see things coming back to normal.

I'm running into this too, on just one base, in a way that I don't experience on any other bases. This base is on a free workspace and originally exceeded the 1200 record limit. I've trimmed it way down so it's about 600 records now, but when I use the linked record functionally it takes much longer to search for and find and accept the value. I'm wondering if there's throttling here or if something else is going on?