Personal budget for two people

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all,

Been using Airtable as a personal budget manager for a while now and I’m trying to tidy it up a bit more.

I have a few sheets, Income, Expenses and Individual Overview.

Inside of the Individual Overview I have Person_1 and Person_2. Inside of Income I have the multiple income sources and I link Person_1 and Person_2. Now where it gets hairy is inside of expenses; I list all the monthly expenses and link Person_1 and Person_2, though there are some line items we have that require us to split the bill where there are other items we do not.

For example, we can link both Person_1 and Person_2 as responsible for Rent, Groceries, Electricity (split expenses) and also link them to Gas, Student Loans, Spending Money (individual expenses). When I do a rollup inside of Individual Overview, I’d like to be able to designate those split expenses to have it allocating the total income towards the appropriate amount of the bills that are due.

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7 - App Architect
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6 - Interface Innovator

Try the following template:

I hope it helps! :winking_face: