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4 - Data Explorer


I've seen a few questions regarding workload but I feel they haven't addressed the problem I'm trying to solve.

I have multiple tasks within multiple projects I'm running. Each task has an effort in days/hours, a start date and an end date on the timeline.

I want to make sure that on average I don't put too many things in parallel. 
I'm trying to approach this the same way that Monday and ClickUp are approaching this:


The effort per day = total effort divided by the number of days between start and end date. So a 1 day task would have all the effort in it. 2 days task would be effort/2, 5 days = effort/5 etc...

Now here's the problem I'm facing.
I want to make sure, for each day, that the total amount of average effort per day for that day doesn't exceed a preset amount.
Let's say I have on average 4 free hours without meetings etc... I can schedule a task that is 4 hours just for that day, or prolong that task for 4 days and add another 3 hours task for that day.

I understand that I cannot limit the tasks scheduling, but I would like to be able to see the total average amounts-per-day for any task that each date is within its range, and maybe create a condition to color in red anything that exceeds the number of free hours a day I have.

I'm struggling with how to aggregate those averages daily.
Any ideas?

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