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I take alot of photos daily on my iPhone (synced to iPad) for work and would like to bulk upload them - with text information about each photo/ attachment, as new individual records into Airtable.

Basically, I need some help/ suggestions/ ideas as to how I can see the actual photos/ attachments in Airtable instead of the image/attachment URL.

Workflow from my iPhone/iPad…

  1. unless I am mistaken, using Dropbox only adds an image to a new record, but doesn’t allow you to populate text fields (i.e.: ‘photo of a faulty tool’.jpg; Description “15/100 broken tools found”; To-do “contact QC officer - this isn’t ok”)… So, 1 photo and 2 fields of text inputted.

  2. I can send photos from my iPhone with text fields to a zillion apps using, including Trello…

  3. I have tried creating a Zap between Trello and Airtable, but the images/ attachment do NOT show up in Airtable. I created a zap for: a new trello card creates a new Airtable record’… However the image/attachments DO NOT populate in Airtable.

  4. Instead of an image, the Trello attachment URL shows… So… how do I get the url to become an actual image in Airtable?

Lastly — I am not hooked on Trello, iPhone photos works with a zillion apps using, so I am flexible about using other tools. But, just need some help with seeing the actual photos/ attachments in Airtable and not the URL.

Many thanks in advance!

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