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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey guys !
i have an interface for my customer with a form and other data.

He wants the form to be prefilled with the same message “long text field” in the interface.
See the screenshot.

it it possible to do that? and how?

Thank you

Sans titre

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Just agreeing with this feature and use case!!

Were you able to achieve pre-filling a dynamic linked field in an interface? I don't see anything unique in the form URL when I select a linked record.

It seems to be working for me - here's what I did:

Created a form layout Interface with all the default settings from Airtable connected to my Projects table.  Publish it.  View it.  Copy the link from the address bar.

In my table, I created a new button field set to Open URL.  In the URL portion I put the following:


"[Link from Interface]?prefill_"&"Project+Name="&{Project Name}


Note the quotation marks - they are all necessary!

Save the field. Click on any Project and the form will load with the selected Project prefilled in the form. This same concept can be repeated to prefill multiple fields like this:


"[Link from Interface]?prefill_"&"Project+Name="&{Project Name}&"&prefill_Start+Date="&Today


You can also fill it with static data instead of dynamic like this:


"[Link from Interface]?prefill_"&"Project+Name=Sample Project"


Hope this helps!

I'm having an issue with Interface Forms where I can't prefill a linked record field (even when using the Record ID of the linked record in the query string parameter). I am able to successfully prefill all other field types on the same form, just not a linked record field. Does anyone have suggestions?

I am having the same issue — I've tried @Ashley_Jackson's method of using the field name and I've tried using the record ID, but it's not working for me to prefill a linked record field of a Interface Form. 😞 

//Airtable formula:

'' & RECORD_ID(Shipment) 

//Resulting URL:


Never mind, I figured it out! I was using the wrong record id because I thought RECORD_ID({Shipment}) would give me the record ID of the linked shipment but it just gave me the record ID of the current record, as if I had just been using RECORD_ID() without any parameters.


So @Jonathan_Straus I recommend double-checking your record ID to make sure it's valid for the field you're trying to prefill!

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have tried long and hard to make Ashley's solution work - but I am foxed.

In my normal base, the following button field URL works well, and is key to our business

I am trying to 'upgrade' to interfaces.  Whether I try to link to the original form, or to an Interface Form, I cannot pick up the current record when linking from an Interface button with the Action 'go to external URL'. 
I also have tried using Interface button with action 'go to interface page', but I cant see how to do prefills at all with that.
Can anyone else advise further?

Same here, I've tried the solution and it works on standard forms, but will not work on a form I've created in an interface for link fields only.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It used to work, now it doesn't anymore. It's getting quite frustrating. One day it works, the other it doesn't...
If I test with the old forms, I can pre-fill a linked field normally, and if I do exactly the same for a new interface form, it doesn't work

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I also confirm that it's not working anymore (dynamically fill a linked record with record ID on an interface form). It only works on legacy forms...