Prefilling an Airtable using Typeform's hidden fields?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all,

For those that use Typeform and Airtable, I’m wondering if you’ve ever prefilled an Airtable form using hidden fields and information recall within Typeform?

What this looks like is,

  1. User completes a few questions on Typeform
  2. Before submitting, there is a statement question that has recalled some of their responses appended to the Airtable form link, prefilling the relevant fields within that particular Airtable form
  3. They can then click this link, be taken to the Airtable Form and see their responses prefilled

I realise Typeform doesn’t do formulas such as Airtable’s ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(), but was just curious to see if anyone has attempted to tackle this, and if they were unsuccessful, what was your workaround?

I’m also aware of the recently released Typeform Block, but was disappointed to see that you cannot use linked record fields as answer options in a Typeform.


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