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Project Management Dependencies

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I just joined my company and I am entirely new to Airtable. I’m a project manager and I’m looking to use dependencies in my grid to automatically update my project schedule that I’ve created. For example, I’d like to make task B dependent on the conclusion of task A (finish-to-start relationship) AND, if I update the end date of Task A, the start date of task B should update based on the new end date of task A, as well as any other tasks on my schedule that are dependent on B and so on. I’ve figured out how to create dependencies but it doesn’t auto-update any of my dependent tasks when I update dates which is VERY manual and time consuming as a project manager. I’ve also noticed that Airtable only accommodates finish-to-start relationships and I often time need start-to-start relationships. Does anyone know if this functionality exists or if there are work-arounds?

I’m coming from a company that used Smartsheet for project management and I’m really struggling to equate the functionalities :frowning:

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Hi Tamara, to do what you’re looking for I think you’d need to use a lookup field to pull the predecessor task’s end date to your current task, and also need a field for you to set up the type of relationship the link is (finish-to-start or start-to-start)

From there, you’d be able to create a formula field that would help you calculate these dates as required

If you foresee a single task being linked to multiple other tasks, each with a different type of relationship, you’d need to create a junction table I’m afraid, but it’s still doable