Pulling in Summary Data From a Different Table

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is there any way to pull in summarized data from one table into another?

For example, I’m tracking invoices (as rows) that are grouped by an assigned category on one table. Airtable will provide a nice little summary for each category grouping.

For reasons (related to creating more robust pivot tables), I’d like to create another table where each invoice category is its own record, and the column would have its summary figure.

I’m aware this is possible through roll-ups, however, if I understand correctly, to achieve this, I would have to manually link each invoice record from the original table in the linked field column. This is simply unsustainable given the large amount of records. It would be a different story if I could create a formula/filter that would automatically grab all of the records I wanted to reference.

Any solutions?

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If you just change the field type of the categories to Linked Records, the links (and the table) are created automatically. Then, in the Categories table, you can add the Rollup to see the total amount per category, for instance.

Awesome, simple solution. Thanks! I got too stuck on thinking about making it into a Pivot block that I didn’t think to just the actual table as the solution.