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I have a rollup of a linked field using the formula, ARRAYUNIQUE(ARRAYCOMPACT(values))

For all records which do not have a link, the rollup field is blank. When I group a view by this rollup field, most without the link used by the rollup are grouped by a blank value. For some, however, the rollup grouping’s value is (Empty). Any idea why this is happening?

Empty vs blank


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Welcome to the community, @Patrick_Kennedy1! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Do you happen to have a field named “Values” in that table? If so, that’s the problem. While Airtable has provided the reserved “values” keyword in rollup field aggregation formulas, having a field named {Values}—even if the case is different—will unfortunately trounce that reserved keyword and insert the contents of your {Values} field instead of the rolled-up data. Just rename that field and the rollup should behave properly.

Thanks Justin, no “values” fields and oddly the grouping under the “(Empty)” listing has disappeared since posting :man_shrugging:t2:

Welcome to the Airtable community!

(Empty) typically means that there is nothing to rollup, usually be cause there is no linked record, there are no records that meet the rollup condition, all the values to roll up dropped out in ARRAYCOMPACT, or something similar.

Blank usually means that there is a value, but it there is nothing to display, such as a string that contains only a space character.

@kuovonne thanks… good to know :upside_down_face: