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I have a whole base set up for our youth wrestling program, and the only thing I cannot figure out is how to set up repeating practices. For example - one group practices Tues, Wed and Thurs every week - so I really need 36+ columns for that group to put one date in each for 3 months?

There has to be an easier way to set up events that repeat on a regular basis, right?

I have searched the Community and found some references in the past to this issue, but nothig that shows that it has been answered.

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+1 to bump this question, because would love a way to do this.


I would love to know if anyone has a creative solution for this as well. I use airtable to manage our programming and we have single records that track our residencies, which have a start/end date, as well as general start and end times but only meet from 2-4pm on tuesday for example - i would like to set up & see all the instances for one residency on the calendar or in a grid for a time report

Me Too!
This would be super helpful for reoccurring meetings.

BUMP! I need this so badly for everything I schedule. We barely ever have one-off events.

I was just emailed earlier today by someone at Airtable as I did email them about this too. At the moment the only way to somewhat do this by creating a formula in the Primary Field. It is helpful but still not an easy solution

Unfortunately, there are no automation tools built into Airtable at all.

You would need to manually duplicate your events by manually choosing the duplicate command, or by manually copying-and-pasting your events.

If you’re familiar with JavaScript, you could also script the duplication process with JavaScript.