Re: Rollup Field ArrayUnique is not giving me fully unique values. How can I fix this

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Hey All! I am using a rollup field with the function ARRAYUNIQUE() in hopes of getting unique values but am still getting duplicates.

I have a base with partners and markets, and I want to show all of the partners available in each market. However, when I rollup the values from the market table, I am getting duplicate values. (i.e. if Boston and Chicago both have same partner, then the unique rollup is showing that partner twice. Is there a way to fix this? Does my question make sense? Thank you so much for any help!!

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Check out this thread and see if this helps solve your issue:

I too have just hit this issue, but am tying my base in knots trying to cater for the ArrayFlatten formatting by adding rollup/lookup fields that don’t appear to be addressing the issue.

Can anyone provide a simple example, where multiple people are being assigned to a task, and in the task summary there’s a field that’s rolling up the names of assigned people - but with duplicates removed. A couple of screenshots would be helpful too.

I was following the thread with the super heroes example, but the solution given didn’t really detail the super hero base and referred to a colours base, and now I’m just confused and I want to be rid of my duplicate multi-select lookups. :sob:

Check out these 2 threads and see if they help solve your issue. @Adam_Minich created a video in the first thread:

Thanks @ScottWorld - I suspect I’ll find the method needed within this base too;

Would be great if Airtable Devs could resolve this problem with another aggregation function - it would make life so much easier.