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4 - Data Explorer

I installed the AirTable Windows desktop version . Is there a way to store the attachements locally ? My attachemtn database is huge (over 300 GB) .

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Hi @Yam_Rab and welcome to the community.

The Airtable architecture is unique in these ways:

  1. When you place a document into an attachment field, Airtable makes a copy of it.
  2. To create attachments via the API or script processes, you must provide Airtable with a URL to the document that is publicly accessible.
  3. The Airtable system stores the copy of your attachments in its own CDN revealing the new URL to your document as well as thumbnails for small and large versions.

That said, you only have one out if you have vast collections of document attachments such as images or PDFs - to manage and host all documents in your own CDN such as Google Drive. This requires two additional very important considerations.

  1. The documents must be stored in Airtable by reference, not value (i.e., a URL into your CDN, not a copy in Airtable).
  2. The URLs to your documents must be either openly accessible so that users can click on the links and see the documents, or you need to ensure that your document consumers have adequate access credentials to open and view them.