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I have quite a few tables with large numbers of columns. It’s tricky to locate a specific column (especially when different views can have different orders). Is there a way to jump to the right column?

There’s a column search in the “hidden fields” dropdown, which works great. A really good addition to this would be a “jump” icon next to the visibility toggle; so you can quickly search for a column and jump to it on the screen.

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There is some kind of solotion for this,
To add a row with the header names (again) and then search for it with “ctrl+f”
-not perfect solotion for anyone but somtimes it can help.

“Jump” functionality is a good idea - you might want to make a separate post tagged as a product suggestion.

As a workaround, the first thing I usually do when re-configuring Airtable is create a private view with all fields hidden. Then I’ll search/toggle visible all the fields needed to make adjustments. It makes for a pretty clean workspace/helps me focus.

Thanks! They’re both really good suggestions… I’ll have a bit of a play with both.

I think the jump function would make things super easy (perhaps even a keyboard shortcut, like control-f, but for column names) and will put a product suggestion in…