Segmenting a contact list by tags

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi I am such a newbie - hoping someone will take pity on me and help. I have a database of contacts in an industry. I have a dropdown field in the main table where I tag each contact with their type: buyer, seller, tech provider, consultant. I have set up a table for each type that has expanded fields that only relate to that type of business. How can I make these tables link back to the main contact table and automatically populate as I add new contacts to the main table?

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I would have all the contacts in the same table. Anyway you could use a Linked Record field to relate records, and the Lookup field to show data from a table in the other one.

BTW, could you explain further your base and structure?

Thank you for your reply. I do wish to have all the contacts in one table as a master list. But from there, each type: buyer, seller, consultant, etc, will have lots of additional information that would be best to put on a separate table for each type. For example, if I create a buyers table and link each record to contacts with the label “buyer” in the main database, what happens when I add a new record to the main contact table? If I choose “buyer” from the dropdown list in the type field, will that contact automatically appear in the Buyers table? Do I have to do something else to make that happen, or is it even possible for that to work? Thanks!

To segment the type of Contacts, you could/should use Views and Filters: