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Hi there!
I need something like a customer satisfaction questionnaire but because this is for kids with cognitive and learning problems, I need to do it with words or images.
What I mean is instead of rating with stars (1 or 4 or etc) the kid will choose one of excellent, good, fair, or poor (or some emoticons equal to these values) for every question.
Excellent being 4 points, good 3, fair 2 and poor 1; at the end, we’ll have a total point.
So how can I replace the default rating with stars and use words or images?
I imagine that I have to link fields and use maybe some simple formulas, but my head just doesn’t want to function :expressionless: :upside_down_face:
Thanks for your attention :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Umut_UYDAS - maybe with a single select:

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 14.35.12.png

And another formula field to turn the selection into a score:


IF(Rating = 'Excellent', 4, IF(Rating = 'Good', 3, IF(Rating = 'Fair', 2, 1)))

The single select field could also contain words and emojis if you want.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@JonathanBowen Thank you very much.
Is there a way to add custom images in single select (instead of emojis or words)?

Hmmm…I don’t think so, probably the closest is going to be emojis.

Hi @JonathanBowen & @Umut_UYDAS,

You should consider a Switch formula:

  'Excellent', 4,
  'Good', 3,
  'Fair', 2,
  'Poor', 1

It’s easier to read. And works well when you have many options.