Send Twilio SMS's at date/time in Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have an Airtable database of questions and dates/times, and am running an automation that runs an Airtable script hitting a Twilio Studio Flow to send a message every hour (message is currently hardcoded.)

I’d like to to just send a message from the Airtable at the date/time in the corresponding Airtable row.

This is the Airtable

I query the table with

 let queryResult = await QuestionsTable.selectRecordsAsync();
    let record = queryResult.records[0];
    // Query for all participants.
    const participants = (await ParticipantsTable.selectRecordsAsync({
        sorts: [
            {field: "Phone Number"}

    output.set('participants', JSON.stringify(participants));

    for(const aParticipant of participants) {
        // Create Answer Entry
        const answerId = await AnswersTable.createRecordAsync({
            'Participant Id':,
            'Question Id': 0

        // Create Studio Flow Execution
        const payload = {
            From: {WhatsApp #},
            Parameters: JSON.stringify({
                airtableRecordId: answerId
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