Sharing Interfaces and Bases as product to clients

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All
I’m wondering how we can “sell” access to Airtable Interfaces and Bases.
Basically with interfaces, automations, apps etc… Airtable is able to cover 99% of business need in terms of internal tools, dashboard, client portals, collaboration tool etc…
Many people are now willing to pay to get the right bases and interfaces without creating it (like everything).

The problem is that it’s difficult to sell what you created, till now I’ve found those option

  1. Add the client as collaborator. Which is not feasible cause he can export the whole base seeing formula and custom code.
  2. Sharing the base. Again the clients can export everything and resell what he has bought.
  3. Make a cover of Airtable with Softr, Stackr, etc… Which is possible, but again now the standards are quite high, so the only way is to create something similar to Airtable interface, which is almost impossible in the no code area. But besides this I see a HUGE possibility to just switch some permission toggles and gain all the market of those softwares.
  4. Make a custom apps available in the marketplace, sell access with an APIKEY, and make the apps to do the more critical functions. This is possible, but I don’t think this is the right way to do this. We would pollute the marketplace whit applications that are not really for the UNIVERSE but for some smaller clients (imagine my Italian application in the marketplace) and also we would shift the best that Airtable can do from beautiful interfaces to small apps.

So in conclusion Interfaces is what made Airtable a real “Application builder”, but how we can sell the knowledge to make them?

To me the best would be to differentiate what the “Owner” made, which settings and formulas cannot be see or duplicate. And what the “Clients” extended. I imagine this is much easier to make for collaborators.
The “easy” thing instead would be to make collaborator just not to duplicate the base, not to see the custom code, but still be able to edit rows. That’s it.

I can also add that while covering Airtable with other software is possible. Using directly Airtable creators can give a bigger value to the customer, cause it would be easier to made customizations specific for that clients without worrying about the “normal” clients.

Thanks for your work!

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