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6 - Interface Innovator

hi there, we are a real estate investment firm and it would be great to be able to see a clean calendar of current renovations. each property has a reno started and an estimated renovation completed column so i was messing around in calendar view but it’s not very helpful/easy to see

any advice on how to use airtable to view the data more efficiently?

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It’s not entirely clear, from your description, what you are seeing as the problems with the way Airtable is displaying the data in the calendar mode. Could you describe a little more specifically what Airtable is showing you (perhaps with screenshots to demonstrate), and then describing what you’d like to see.

That would make it much easier for us to throw in our advice.

apologies for not being clear!

so we have a few hundred single family renovations going on at a time. Each one with a different reno start and estimated completed date. in my mind, there is an organized way of seeing that on a calendar so we could see upcoming renovation finishing, how much we have going on, etc.

right now with the airtable cal view it just looks so jumbled (

thanks again for all the help

You are mixing several-days-long events in a month view, I see the image as normal, it’s not an Airtable problem.

Maybe you could have 2 separate Views, one for the renovation date and other for the expected completion date.

Perhaps try this. Instead of using a “Date Range”, try using an “Additional Date Field”, to show 1 event for the start of a reno, and 1 event for the end of the reno. Then use the “Color” menu to make them distinct colors so you can tell at a glance what kind of event it is.

Here’s a demo:

cool! let me check it out


Hey Jordan!

Just wanted to pop in here to see if you were able to get this sorted out! I specialize in organizing and automating real estate processes so if you were still looking to optimize your base, I would be more than happy to lend a hand!


Jesse, you might have an answer for me. I’m trying to get the dollar amounts paid out from contractor invoices to link to a bid sheet in another table to keep track of costs going out in the right category. I would like to enter amounts paid out only once and attached to the bid sheet so we can keep track of how much each trade is costing. I’m new to Airtable so I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Hey there Mikki! Do you have a view only link to your base so myself and the community can take a look at your setup and give advice? Let us know!