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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

Is there anyway to only select items ONCE?
I have a single select field type with A, B, C and D, if I pick B on a row, I only want to be able to select A, C and D afterwards.


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No you can’t. What are you trying to do? Maybe there is another way.

When I select an item in a single select list, I want it to be not available anymore.

IE: I’m going away with my entire company, I want to dispatch people in hotel rooms. If I select the Room42 for John, when selecting Kim’s room afterwards, I do not want Room42 to be available in my single select list.

I understood that, but what do you want that behaviour for? What do you want to achieve (related with you actual data)?

I am deploying a form to my employees so they can register for this trip. When employee A select the Room42, I don’t want employee B to be able to book for the Room42.

So I want a single select but each item has to be selectable only one time.

(Thanks for helping!)

I only can think on some kind of automation with Zapier. I think can’t be done only with Airtable.

Too bad, sounds like something tricky and not repeatable. Especially if I want to give power to non-tech people.

Thanks anyway!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Not exactly what you need, but you can put the single select list in a separate table and link them rather than having them in a drop-down in the same table.

Put your Room list in a separate table, then on the form the user will select which room they want. Room 42 will still be on the list of options to choose, but John’s name will be listed right there so they can see it’s already reserved.

Haven’t explored if you can use a filter to only display the options that are empty, i.e. have not been linked to another record, but maybe that could be the next step.

This worked perfectly!