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4 - Data Explorer

We are starting to use Airtable forms for most of our registration forms but whenever we share a link through text or on social media, the link preview is a design that says Airtable, and does not actually look like it’s the right link before folks click on it. Is there a way to change this to a custom image?

I saw a topic on this in 2020 but it went unanswered—wondering if there has been development since then.

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Welcome to the community, @Kelan_O_Brien!

That is not changeable, but you can embed the form within your own website and send a link to your website instead.

You may also want to switch to a different form tool like JotForm.

I actually don’t know what JotForm’s social media previews look like, so you’d have to test that out on your own, but JotForm has native Airtable integration.

(And you can even use an automation tool like for more advanced JotForm integration with Airtable.)

Other form apps that were built specifically from the ground up for Airtable include: and On2Air: Forms. There are probably several others as well.

Thanks for this! Good to know about embedding in our own website. We’ll definitely look into that!