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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

I’m running an evaluation for a 12-month peer mentoring program. The program officers run the mentoring program in three different regions with three different Airtable set ups.

I want to make this consistent and smart across the regions so I can collect evaluation data and they can track what’s going on. How would you best set this up for a 12-month mentor-mentee match (there will be about 700-900 matches)? Here’s how the project is running:

  1. Collect application data from mentees at the start including demographics and goal(s) they wish to accomplish
  2. Monthly activity logs filled in by mentors about progress (could be a form directly to Airtable).
  3. Quarterly catch ups filled in by program officers about progress made (the officers observes meetings)
  4. Exit interview with the mentee at 12 months asking about achievements made and other program aspects.

So there will be approximately eight activity logs, three quarterly catch ups and one exit interview for each mentee. I’d like all of this linked so I can track a mentee’s progress (journey) through the 12 months of the program.

Thanks - Scott

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