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Sync data with Google Sheets

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I use Airtable for something related to website data. I have a table which is a list of pages/URLs from a website, which was extracted from Google Analytics. The key is the URL/page but it also contains data such as the volume of page views and other statistics about the page.

In an ideal world I want this table to update automatically, so e.g. the data is always about the most recent month.

I know there is a zapier integration but I can’t get my head around it, mainly because what happens if someone creates a new page in the source data i.e I am not just updating records based on changes to the data in Sheets, I need to also populate new records. Is this multiple Zapier integrations??

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Hi @Jonny_Longden

It sounds like it might be easier to use Integromat.

I have set up personal scenarios, for myself, similar to what you want to achieve and it probably can be done. You would have to further investigate this, to be sure. Integromat has a support forum on Facebook.

You may find it a bit cheaper to use Integromat, but you would have to do some research on the cost of the plan and operations.

Hope this points you in the right direction.


@M_k is right - Integro is a bit easier to understand than Zapier, although both do require some concerted effort to master. Using wither of these services do allow you to update and add new records based on the new records in your Google spreadsheet.

Hi @Jonny_Longden

I see that you did not find the right solution for your question. I hope that mine will help you sort it out.

It is possible to synchronize your data between Airtable and Google Sheets, keeping it in near to real-time sync.

How you can do it:

  1. Establish connection between Airtable and Google Sheets
  2. Set up automatic data refresh for 1 hour (so, every hour)
  3. Pull data to a destination sheet which you can call raw data.
  4. Create graphs and formulas in other sheets, referencing them to your raw data sheet.

You can do it by using Google Sheets add-on.

This is an awesome feature!

Hi @Jonny_Longden,
If I understand correctly, you have a Google Sheet with data from Google Analytics, which includes new and updated rows?

If this is the case, you can install a full 1-Sync from Google Sheets to Airtable using zzBots. This will add new rows from Google Sheets into Airtable as new records, and update those records with any updates made in Google Sheets. The update will happen automatically.

You can install this sync here:

The video below will explain how it works, and walk you through the install. There will also be a video to help you finish setting it all up after you install it. I hope this is helpful, and provides the solution to your problem.

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with zzBots

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve recently updated our Airtable to Google Sheets guide! It is not possible to set up custom schedule for data refreshes! So, feel free to review it and give it a try!

Hi there! I’m from Unito, we offer an automated 2-way integration between Airtable and Google Sheets that’s pretty quick and easy to set up. The whole thing is no-code/self-serve, so you don’t need a specialist to help you get started. Here’s a case study put together by one of our engineers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! is definitely the easiest but super expensive until they have competitive pricing models for light usage like this.

Nice! Pricing seems fair too.

The Data Fetcher extension now has a Google Sheets Airtable integration which is easy to set up and can be scheduled to run up to every 5 minutes.

For your question about new items: new rows in Sheets create new records in Airtable

Hello, i have similar situation, i want to sync changes from my google sheets to my Airtable almost instantly or in minutes, can do that? If answer is yes, how?


Added new row in Google sheet -> Adds new row in Airtable?