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Hello Airtable community,

I have a situation that I don't know how to resolve with a synchronized table.

1- Situation: I have a "Matrix" table in a base that I've been using since before the option to synchronize bases, where I've built a database with linked tables and a very robust interface.

2- Problem: Now I find myself in the dilemma that I have a database in another base generated for "players" in my case, and what I would like is to synchronize it with my "Matrix" table while maintaining the columns generated with the linked tables, as well as the different lookups and rollups.

The current situation is blocking me from creating a more collaborative interface with information from different bases.

3- Question: Do you think what I'm considering is possible?

Thank you very much!

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Yes, this is one of the more disappointing problems with Airtable.

When records sync from Base A to Base B, those records get a brand new Record ID in Base B. This is why all the linking breaks.

So if your original records from Original Table 1 previously linked to Original Table 2 in Base A, and then you sync both Original Table 1 & Original Table 2 to Base B, the linking between Sync Table 1 & Sync Table 2 will no longer work in Base B.

The quickest & easiest way to solve this problem would be to make sure that all of your records in Original Table 2 (in Original Base A) have **COMPLETELY UNIQUE** values for their primary field. This will not work if there are any duplicate values in your primary field of Original Table 2 (in Original Base A).

If all the values are completely unique in Original Table 2 of Original Base A, then you can proceed further:

In Base B, go to Sync Table 1, and you will notice that your linked record field in Sync Table 1 has been converted by Airtable into a single line text field. You should be able to convert that single line text field (in Sync Table 1 of Base B) back into a linked record field again that links to Sync Table 2 of Base B, and Airtable should automatically re-link the records for you.

p.s. I will need to make a YouTube video of this at some point in the future, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel. I am also available for hire as an expert Airtable consultant to help with issues like this.

Adding to what Scott mentioned, you can create an automation in Base B to link the two tables when any record is updated, this way Whenever you link new records in table A, synced records will be linked together in table B.


Great point, @AslanH ! 😀🙌

Thank you for your response and solution, but maybe I haven't explained myself well.

What I intend to do is to replace (synchronize) the primary field with unique data from the original table where I have multiple columns with information associated with each unique value of the primary field. I want to replace this information with the data from a table in another base that shares the same unique primary field.

Thank you for your willingness to help.


Thank you for your suggestion, but in terms of reaching out to @ScottWorld, I don't think I explained myself clearly.