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4 - Data Explorer

I have a table (source table) synced via a one-way sync to a table in another base (target table). I recently changed the name of a field in the source table, and I noticed that the name of the field in the target table did not update to match the updated field name of the source table. Is there a way to automatically sync the field names, or do I have to manually update the field name in the target table? Thank you for your help. 

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Automatic sync works in Airtable. Please refer to the link

Thank you for your response. I should not have used the word "automatic" in my post. I understand that sync can be automatic. I have my sync settings set for automatic syncing. Because of this, the records in my target table do, in fact, sync automatically when a change is made to the source record in the source table. 

My problem is that I changed the name of a field in the source table, and this change to the source table is not being synced to the target table. 

I initially named a field in the source table as "cell phone #." when I created the synced table, the correspondence field in the target table was also named "cell phone #," as expected. I then changed the name of the field in the source table to "primary phone #." However, the field name in the target table is still shown as "cell phone #." Neither automatic syncing nor a manual sync has resulted in the updating of the field name in the target table.

I am trying to determine if changes to field names in the source table are supposed to sync to the target table or if I will just have to manually rename the field in the target table. It would seem like this is type of change is something that should be handled by the sync setup between the two tables, but I don't see that it is.

I hope this clarifies the issue I am having, and thanks again for your help.

Hi @rtrevor7767, I've just found a reply of Airtable regarding this topic.



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6 - Interface Innovator

This is not a solution to the problem given by the author, but rather an explanation of why Field Names are not synced for a Synced Table.

Although it may be difficult, a solution is technically possible and should still be considered for a Feature Request.