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Syncing field options across multiple tables

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Hello all, I have a single select column named as “City” in all tables of a base. Now I want to have a sync between all “City” columns so that whenever I add a new city as an option it should be updated in all.
Therefore there should be a option sync for single select column.
Please share a solution to it.

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There’s no easy way to do it, so I would suggest just having a table for [Cities] and converting each of your single select fields into Link to Another Record-type fields. That way there’s only one source you have to update when you want to add a new city.

Thanks @Kamille_Parks but I tried this and I am stuck at how to convert linked record field into single select field type?

Right click the field name, select “configure”, change the field type.

@Kamille_Parks sorry to interrupt you again but I am unable to create a linked record which is single select type. Can you please help me.

The name of the field type you’re looking for is “Link to another record”. “Single select” is the type you already have.

If you’re still having trouble reply with screenshots of your setup pointing to what problem you’re running into.


In first image, I have created a table named “cities” in which I have created a single select column which has different cities as options.

Now I want to have same column (in sync) in cabs available table and Removal Request table but when I create a linked record with cities table then I am only able to create lookup field and not a single select field (image 2)

To clarify: you should no longer need any single select fields, anywhere.

Instead of storing cities as options in a single select you would have each city be a record in your [Cities] table. Then in the [Removal Request] table, you would use your {Cities} field to link to the appropriate city.