Task completion linked to service's selection

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there !

I have 3 tables :


If the customer pick one service in the table contact, I have multiple field checkbox set up to check to follow the process for this specific service (in the administrative follow table). Then i have a SUM formula that counts the number of checkbox checked to see task completion. This part works well and is perfect for me.

  • Service 1 : needs to get 10 checkbox checked to be completed
  • Service 2 : needs to get 14 different checkbok checked to be completed
  • Service 3 : needs to get 20 differents checkbox checked to be completed

Question is : How would you set up when a customer select let’s say 2 services (or 3) to affect the necessary checkboxs to show ? and then add a global task completion ?

Any clue ? thanks !

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