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I work at an Ad Agency and we use Airtable as a project management tool between all of our clients and creators. We specifically track each concept we are working on in a single row. We charge clients against a monthly hourly allotment of 30 hours per month. We are looking for an easier/ better way to track monthly hours per project per client.

  1. Some projects hop month to month and a designer may spend 5 hours in January and 6 hours in February. We need a way to track these hours in each month for each concept. Currently, we have 12 columns, one for each month of the year, for the designer to put the hours used per month per project. Some projects only last 1-3 months so it is kind of redundant to have so many collums.

Ideally, I want one column that can allow a designer to input their total hours per month as needed vs 12 different collums

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Hey there!

I would suggest doing these entries as records vs. columns in its own Hours table.

Use a Text field as the Primary field and input January, February, etc. as the records. (you could also use Date as the Primary if you want to get more granular)

Add a Single-select field and add the 2022 year to every record

Add a Numbers field for the Hours

Then create a linked record to the Projects table


You might also consider using January 2022, February 2022, etc in addition to having a Year field. Sometimes filtering and grouping can get confusing.

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