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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am trying to filter for individual service users who attended support sessions between two dates. 

I have attached screenshots to show the process followed.

The issue is that the filters appear correct (they are very straight forward and I've verified them with others in and outside of the organisation) but some of the results do not correspond to the filter commands. 


The data come from two linked tables: Service Users and Activities Engaged with. Service Users are linked to Activities Engaged with via the date of the activity. 

The date format is NAME OF MONTH, DAY, YEAR.

When using filters that cut across two calendar years to produce a report over a financial year in the UK, the query looks like the following:

Where Date contains YEAR (e.g. 2022)
AND (Condition Group) Where Date contains (list of months by name starting April to January)
OR (Condition Group) Where Date contains YEAR (e.g. 2023)
AND (Inside the condition group) Where Date contains (List of months, January to March)

This filter query kicks out a lot of instance that are outside of this tolerance. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I haven’t seen your exact scenario before but I suspect your issues might be because you have multiple values in the lookup field. 

Thank you, @kuovonne, for your response.

Perhaps I haven't understood something but even with multiple values, shouldn't filters be able to recognise the parameters and bring out the correct results?