Trying to Override a cell if another cell has content?!?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys,

I have a cell called ‘Status’ that works well and, as an event approaches, it changes from Pending, Action Now, Due Today and Overdue (referenced to a date). Then when I complete the action and I type ‘100’ to signify 100% complete (and in another cell it places a nice emoji check mark). The thing is that when the cell gets ‘100’ or an emoji check mark, I’d like the ‘Status’ cell to now be filled with ‘Completed’ (instead of still saying 'Pending, Action now etc…).

What code do I add to the line below to get this to happen?

IF({Days to Go} =0, “ :high_brightness: DUE TODAY​:high_brightness:”, IF({Days to Go} <0, “ :warning: OVERDUE​:warning:”, IF({Days to Go} <=14, “ :exclamation: ACTION NOW​:exclamation:”,“ :zzz: PENDING​:zzz:”)))

If I just add IF({Progress} = 100, “Completed”) and then save, it just removes the line…

Please help hugs


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First, I suggest changing your field “Progress (%)” to a Percent field formatted as an integer.

Then, add this to the very beginning of the formula:

IF({Progress (%)}=100,"✅Completed✅",

and add this to the very end of the formula:


This will work if you change the “Progress (%)” to a Percent field as I suggest above. If for some reason you can’t do that and it needs to stay as a text field, then use the same formula as above, except put the 100 in quotes like this:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you, Jeremy. You are a genius - the key here was to put the statement at the beginning as you suggested, I would have never have worked that out without your help - I am now your number one fan!

You are awesome, have a great weekend!