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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I’ve created a database that essentially allows me to create a call sheet (sample here) using the page design app.

I currently have two tables:

  1. Call sheet table - lists the date as the main column. For each date, I have information such as the location, linked crew member, status etc.

  2. Crew table - this table lists each person’s name in the main column. There’s a linked record to the dates they’re working in the call sheet table, their email, cell, and role. I’d also like to add a column for the call time, but that will vary based on the date. On Tuesday their call time might be 9:00am but on Wednesday it’s 8:30am.

Since each crew member in linked to several call sheet dates, one person may be linked to 2-4 different days of work on set. The time that people need to report to set each day varies.

I’m trying to figure out a way, in the crew tab, to assign a call time for each person for each shoot day that they are assigned.

Would you be able to assist?

I then take all this information and pull it into the page designer app to build a call sheet with each crew member for that day and their corresponding call time.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Did you ever figure something out? I am also currently working to build a Call Sheet as well as a proper 1 Liner

@Shannon_Bradley - Did you ever work out a Call Sheet template? I'm about to start one for a documentary production, and I'm wondering if you have a public template you might share?

The key was Docs Automator! I ended up revamping my setup a bit and integrated the amazing 3rd party site. I can't say enough good things about it, the best part is the reduction in possible errors from copying info from the system to the call sheet since it pulls in automatically.  I then worked on learning interface setup to make something easy for my ADs to use

Anything you can share?


7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Sorry this took a while 🙂 So here is a link to my blank "Master" base. 

The idea is that you begin with the script breakdown....all scenes and details. Then move on to fleshing out characters, sets, etc. Then add your locations etc as required.

Finally you add actors and link them, crew and other details. And use the Shot List to organize shots (I have plans to create a DocsAutomator print port of this), and Scripty table to track on the day.  Update the Positions to meet the needs of the current project. Etc etc.

BUT - the whole thing starts and ends on the backend with the Call Sheets. Everything eventually leads back to that table, and is intended to be able to create the call sheet. There are Interfaces on my main base to be used by the ADs for input, as well as a couple other ones. The plan is to have a full Template base I can copy for a new show.

The call sheet creation itself will be through a Google doc and the DocsAutomator system, which literally prevented me from pulling all my hair out trying to make the native AirTable options work. One click and it does the magic on the day, and the setup was easy to understand and really didn't take very long. I don't have a generic version of those at the moment, but I can work on creating that. 

Might be some ghost information in the setup of my show, working on cleaning it up lol. If anyone really really wanted to see the whole setup in action with proper data maybe we could video chat or something lol.

I can literally run a whole production schedule and shoot from this base with DocsAutomator and a Google doc or two. I don't currently have a setup for proper HR because they generally have their own system.